Providing Lift Services in the Automotive Industry for Over 20 Years

At JEMKO, we have built our business on a reactive, responsive, and client-centric approach — working to keep your car, truck, and other automotive vehicles running efficiently. JEMKO provides automotive lift services that aim to ensure customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience, JEMKO has provided installations, maintenance services, and repairs for all lift and lift parts throughout northwestern PA. From a new lift to replacing an existing lift, JEMKO has what you need. Providing over 150 different lift and lift parts, JEMKO offers competitively priced, superior quality automotive lift and lift parts.

Rotary Lift Parts Breakdowns

two post parts four post parts

Lift Service Solutions for all Automotive Service Equipment Needs

JEMKO is an authorized distributor of quality automotive lifts, lift parts, while providing automotive equipment services for dealerships, repair shops, transits, fleets, and municipal facilities. JEMKO’s uncompromising commitment to product quality, testing, and safety allows us to work with some of the world’s most trusted lift brands, like Rotary Lift. JEMKO’s team of highly qualified technicians are here to help you with lift and lift part installations, maintenance repairs, and additional automotive services throughout the automotive industry.

JEMKO’s Team of ALI Lift Inspectors

JEMKO is proud to have ALI certified lift inspectors on staff. ANSI standards mandate that qualified lift inspectors must inspect vehicle lifts annually. The only independent verification that is offered for lift inspectors in North America is the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Lift Inspector Certification Program. JEMKO follows standardized inspection procedures for every lift, regardless of age, origin, or manufacturer. JEMKO is also an authorized Rotary distributor with experienced rotary lift inspectors and factory certified installers. All JEMKO ALI accredited technicians go through rigorous testing and several inspection practicals before receiving their ALI certification, allowing them to inspect any manufactured lift, no matter the brand. Located in the Harborcreek area of Erie, Pennsylvania, JEMKO works with customers located anywhere from northeastern Ohio to northwestern New York. Call JEMKO today to schedule an appointment with an ALI certified technician.

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automotive lift institute certified lift inspector

automotive lift institute certified lift inspector

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